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Fade Art Barbers


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Hair styling Volumizing Powder by FadeArt Barbers.
Reworkable. Infinite freshness.
Natural, lightweight texture & separation.
Put it on your palms or directly into your hair then watch the magic.

Introducing the game-changing hairstyling volumizing powder that will transform your hair from flat to fabulous in seconds! Say goodbye to dull, lifeless locks and hello to voluminous, full-bodied hair that commands attention.


Our advanced formula contains powerful ingredients that instantly add volume and texture to your hair without leaving any residue or weighing it down. Simply sprinkle a small amount onto your roots and watch your hair come to life with natural-looking lift and bounce.


Designed for all hair types, our volumizing powder is the ultimate solution for anyone looking to enhance their hairstyle. Whether you have long, short, fine, or thick hair, this powder will give you the volume and texture you've always wanted.

High quality ingredients for the best haircuts!

Elevate your professional hairstyling experience with our meticulously crafted Volumizing Powder, a pinnacle of innovation in the realm of hair care. Engineered for discerning stylists and salon professionals, this product is a fusion of cutting-edge technology and the finest, carefully selected ingredients.

This professional-grade Volumizing Powder not only elevates styling capabilities but also serves as a testament to our commitment to quality. Free from harsh chemicals, it caters to diverse hair types and textures, making it a versatile asset in your styling repertoire.

For a seamless styling experience that reflects your expertise, choose our Volumizing Powder – where innovation meets craftsmanship. Transform every styling session into a masterpiece, leaving your clients with hair that not only looks voluminous but radiates a refined, salon-finished allure.


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