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Cologne Spray Intense | Kreed II

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150ml | inspired by iconic parfumes. Choose your own favourite.

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Hair styling Fragrance Spray by FadeArt Barbers.
After shave&cut. Infinite freshness.
Natural, lightweight texture & separation.

Unveil the magic post-cut with our Barber's Blend fragrance – the secret sauce for locking in that fresh-from-the-chair goodness! This isn't just any scent; it's a high-five for your nostrils, a celebration of style that goes beyond the mirror.

🌟 Snip, Snip, Scent: As you wrap up the cut, give it the perfect finishing touch. A spritz of our Barber's Blend is like confetti for your client's hair – it's a party, and everyone's invited!

🌿 Whiff of Wow: Crafted with a dash of citrus zing and a pinch of woody cool, our fragrance is the ultimate crowd-pleaser. It's not just a smell; it's a memory-making machine.

💇‍♂️ Client Whisperer: Think of it as your secret weapon. Our fragrance isn't just about making hair smell amazing; it's about turning every client into a walking advertisement for your chair.

🎩 Dapper in a Bottle: Packaged in a bottle that's as suave as your slickest fade, our Barber's Blend is the cool kid on the block. Because your toolkit deserves a wingman that's as dapper as you are!

🎉 Cut, Spray, Celebrate: It's the grand finale your chair deserves. Wrap up that cut in style, spray a little magic, and let the compliments roll in. Fresh hair, fresh vibes – that's how you leave a lasting impression.

In the world of barbering, our Barber's Blend isn't just a fragrance; it's your ticket to making every cut a sensation. So, snip away, spray the good stuff, and let the good times roll!


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